Xoom Kid


    Xoom Kid is a subscription service to live, virtual, interactive enrichment activities twice weekly.

What you will get as a subscriber: 

  • membership into the Xoom Kid Facebook group. This is a place to communicate upcoming plans and themes. I'll be available here 24/7 to offer gentle parenting support plus ideas about play and learning with young children. It's a great place to check in on M-W-F or the weekends.

  • twice weekly Zoom sessions (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) at 10 or 11am PST for your little one filled with science, songs, art, games and activities. 

This could be yours for $84/month! Siblings discount rate of $60/month!


Cost: $84/first kid monthly, $60/each additional kid monthly

Location: Zoom, Facebook (link provided after payment)




  • When can I sign up?

You can sign-up at anytime. Your month begins on the date of purchase. For example, if you sign up on the 12th of August, your membership month goes until the 12th of September.

  • Is there a fee to cancel?

No, there is no fee to cancel. Cancel at anytime. 

  • Does it cost more for more kids?

Yes, each additional child should have their own subscription at the Additional Child discounted rate of $60/month.

  • What ages is Xoom Kid good for?

3-6 years old is the ideal age to participate in Xoom Kid. 

  • Do I need any special supplies?

Yes, You'll need internet connection and a device with Zoom for each participating child.

Most projects will involve normal household items preschool families keep on hand. I'll let you know in advance the weekly supplies needed for projects and STEM activities.. 

  • Do I need preparation time?

A few minutes should do. I'll prepare the plan, you set your child up on Zoom with their supplies. You may want to take a moment to set your child up with a snack or water also!

  • What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds, however you are free to cancel at any time. Please note that you must cancel your subscription before it renews for a subsequent month in order to avoid being charged for the next months subscription fee. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation becomes effective at the end of the then current monthly subscription period.

  • What happens if I can't make it at the scheduled time or we miss a zoom session?

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and made available to current subscription holders.

  • Where do the videos happen?

The Zoom sessions will happen at my desk, my kitchen counter, in my house or yard. The Zoom Field Trips will be live from sites of interest to a preschooler.

  • Do I need Facebook?

No, I'm happy to communicate via e-mail. Joining the Xoom Kid Facebook group can be helpful but is optional. Let me know which you prefer.

  • Do I need Zoom?

Yes, Zoom will need to be installed on the device your child uses to access Xoom Kid.

  • My older/younger child is enjoying it. Can they participate also?

Yes, you know your children best. If another child is interested and wants to participate They are welcome to say hello.

I recommend that each child has their own device and subscription to get the most out of Xoom Kid.

  • Can I buy a few months at a time?

No, at this time Xoom Kid is only available as a monthly subscription. 

  • Can I buy a gift subscription for a friend or grandchild?

Yes, Xoom Kid is a great gift for a friend or grandchild. ​​

  • How do I join?

          This         will take you to a google form. Fill that out and follow the link there to get to the PayPal subscription for payment! The "success"  message there will have the link to the Facebook group.

       Request to join the Facebook group here 

Painting Eggs


Interactive, project based preschool fun at home!

Set your preschooler up for 45 minutes of individualized interactive fun and learning.

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings at  10 or 11am PST/PDT on Zoom